Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fred and the Cow

This is one of my favorite stories that Fred told me. I personally have accepted that Cows are Evil and deserve to be eaten ;-) Of course the actual moral was Cows have Loooong memories!

Fred spoke on occasion of the dairy farm his grandparents owned and where he would spend summers. On this farm, the milking barn is set into the side of a hill—has a ramp leading up to it and a small walkway around it. Naturally, the space between the ramp and the barn and the hill, was used as a dumping ground for all the manure that would otherwise collect in the barn.

One day, Fred and one of his cousins were driving the cows to be milked. Fred was up on the ramp keeping the cows moving, when he saw, coming up towards him, the worst-tempered cow in the herd. And she was aiming for him.

He neatly stepped from the ramp to the narrow walkway that went around the barn and waited for her to pass by—which she did.

Fred said that she figured out from inside the barn where he was standing on that walkway, and kicked that spot—which bumped him from the walkway, into the gooey pile of composting manure below!

He admitted that he had tormented that particular cow when she was little—and figured that was her revenge.

Personally, knowing how much Fred loved a good steak—I think he got some of his back! ;-)


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