Monday, June 27, 2005

Fred at Looking Glass Books

Submitted by Karen, owner of Looking Glass--she and her dog Charlie will really miss Fred.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fred and the Cow

This is one of my favorite stories that Fred told me. I personally have accepted that Cows are Evil and deserve to be eaten ;-) Of course the actual moral was Cows have Loooong memories!

Fred spoke on occasion of the dairy farm his grandparents owned and where he would spend summers. On this farm, the milking barn is set into the side of a hill—has a ramp leading up to it and a small walkway around it. Naturally, the space between the ramp and the barn and the hill, was used as a dumping ground for all the manure that would otherwise collect in the barn.

One day, Fred and one of his cousins were driving the cows to be milked. Fred was up on the ramp keeping the cows moving, when he saw, coming up towards him, the worst-tempered cow in the herd. And she was aiming for him.

He neatly stepped from the ramp to the narrow walkway that went around the barn and waited for her to pass by—which she did.

Fred said that she figured out from inside the barn where he was standing on that walkway, and kicked that spot—which bumped him from the walkway, into the gooey pile of composting manure below!

He admitted that he had tormented that particular cow when she was little—and figured that was her revenge.

Personally, knowing how much Fred loved a good steak—I think he got some of his back! ;-)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Memorial Service, 11AM Wed. 8 June 2005

The memorial service is 11AM on Wednesday, 8 June 2005, at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at 14175 Cornell Road, right across the street from Sunset High School. It's a short drive from the Sunset Transit Center for those who wish to carpool, or the 89-Tanasborne scheduled to leave the Sunset TC at 10:33, should arrive at the church at 10:44.

Oregonian Obit.

Obituary notice from the Oregonian, 02 Jun 2005. 

A service will be at 2 p.m. Thursday, June 2, 2005, in Willamette National Cemetery for Fred B. Torck, who died May 30 at age 58.

Mr. Torck was born April 19, 1947, in Portland and was raised in New York City. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University and served in the Air Force and continued in the Oregon Air National Guard for 24 years after moving to Beaverton in 1979. He was an electronics engineer for Oeco and Celestica.

Survivors include his mother, Joyce; brother, Warren; and sister, Gloria Chromiak.

Remembrances to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Arrangements by Pegg Paxson & Springer.

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More convention photos

Dining al fresco, with John Lorentz & Ruth Sachter, 1999. 
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Brewski, Hospitality, 1990. 
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Orycon Hospitality, date unknown. 

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Fred vs Mattzilla at 2004 PORSFiS Picnic

Round I 

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Round II 

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Round III 

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O-13 ConCom Photo

John Lorentz provided this, and said "Here's an OryCon 13 Committee photo, showing Fred surrounded by friends, doing what he enjoyed the most."

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Fred's standing in the back, at left, wearing a cowboy hat. Click on the photo to zoom in.

TSgt Fred B. Torck, Oregon ANG

In uniform

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In uniform, profile view. 

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Graveside Service, Thursday 02 Jun

Fred's graveside service was at 2 pm, Thursday, 2 June 2005 at Willamette National Cemetery, located at 11800 SE Mount Scott Blvd, Portland, OR 97266 (Tel. 503.273.5250).

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Open viewing was at the Pegg Paxson & Springer Funeral Home, 4675 SW Watson Ave., Beaverton, OR 97005 between 4pm and 8 pm, Wednesday, 1 June 2005 (tel. 503.644.1176).

The 142nd Fighter Wing

Fred was a Technical Sergeant in the 142nd Fighter Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard, assigned to the 142nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

The Air Force Enlisted Rank Force Structure web page at About.Com describes the rank this way:
TSgts hold a 7-skill level and are qualified to perform highly complex technical duties in addition to providing supervision. They are responsible for the career development of all enlisted personnel under their supervision. They must obtain maximum performance from each subordinate and ensure the product or service is of the quality necessary for total mission effectiveness. TSgts will continuously strive to broaden and perfect their professional expertise and supervisory techniques. The official term of address is technical sergeant or sergeant. The average Air Force wide active duty time for promotion to the rank of Technical Sergeant is 14 years.


From Auntie Linda's Guide to Convention Running.



Talk to Fred.

Fred is Fred Torck. Fred does all kinds of miscellaneous things that don't fall into any category. Fred has built carts for our office supplies, registration computers, and art show panels. The art show carts double as shelves in the art show itself. He has done work at our storage garages.

Fred stays up and changes tapes for the video people, babysits the night office. He entertains the committee kids when we're desperate, and shows up at just the right time with a drink or food or handtool as needed. He always has keys to everything, can fix stuff and is generally useful. He is hard to classify so I made him a department. He has had his own department ribbon since 1991--rainbow! (by Linda Pilcher, (C) 1994 by OSFCI.)