Wednesday, June 01, 2005


From Auntie Linda's Guide to Convention Running.



Talk to Fred.

Fred is Fred Torck. Fred does all kinds of miscellaneous things that don't fall into any category. Fred has built carts for our office supplies, registration computers, and art show panels. The art show carts double as shelves in the art show itself. He has done work at our storage garages.

Fred stays up and changes tapes for the video people, babysits the night office. He entertains the committee kids when we're desperate, and shows up at just the right time with a drink or food or handtool as needed. He always has keys to everything, can fix stuff and is generally useful. He is hard to classify so I made him a department. He has had his own department ribbon since 1991--rainbow! (by Linda Pilcher, (C) 1994 by OSFCI.)


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